Monthly Archives: August 2013

Fan Engagement

Lack Of Something Good To Send Often artists will highlight that they lack good, worthwhile ideas to keep communicating with their fans. They lack good content suggestions for ongoing fan engagement to help them to both keep in contact and to engage with their fans. When they run out of decent ideas, too often communications…

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Song Release Tips

When releasing a new song make the most of all your efforts. 4 Key Things To Remember Remember: People need to know your song has been released to buy it. It is up to you to tell them. Remember: More people are likely to be interested in your music if you build anticipation before the…

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Tips For Making A Music Video

This article provides a collection of tips to help you create your own music video for your band. A music video is much like a movie, or, for that matter, just like the song itself. It should have a visual progression, in the same way it progresses musically. This article will give you ideas on…

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