Lack Of Something Good To Send

Often artists will highlight that they lack good, worthwhile ideas to keep communicating with their fans. They lack good content suggestions for ongoing fan engagement to help them to both keep in contact and to engage with their fans. When they run out of decent ideas, too often communications get boring, unnecessary and pointless, and so far off-topic that the fans are seriously questioning why they signed up as a fan. Either way the band clams up and either stops sending messages out altogether, or they send out so few messages that they might as well have stopped altogether.

The easiest way to keep sending out good quality, interesting videos that fans will want to see is to integrate tasks like filming into your normal daily flow. Why? Simple. By doing this you keep the content fresh and vibrant. It’s also easier for you to create, and faster too. You compress the whole schedule of coming up with ideas, planning the activity and then doing, into just doing. Your fans want to know the information because it is up to the minute, directly related to your music and to you the artist. All you need is some core ideas and activities.

Get used to doing it all the time. Whenever you do anything with your band, anything as an artist, film it! If you have friends hanging about, get them to film it too. The more camera angles and perspectives you have, the more shot options you will have to edit together for your finished videos. Options are good!

For 15 excellent tips for creating fan engagement using video, read the article “Fan Engagement” in the Songstuff library!


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