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Song Release Tips

When releasing a new song make the most of all your efforts.

4 Key Things To Remember

Remember: People need to know your song has been released to buy it. It is up to you to tell them.

Remember: More people are likely to be interested in your music if you build anticipation before the song is available. ie you build their appetite. This is why older songs by an artist are played BEFORE a new song is released. It’s why they appear on TV and radio BEFORE a song or album is released. It’s why they tell people when a new song will be available to buy.

Remember: Build Fans. Make it desirable for the general public to join your fan club or fan list. Provide incentives.

Remember: Keep Fans. Keep in regular communication. Provide benefits of being in your fan list such as exclusive interviews, acoustic performances of your songs, special offers etc.

1 Important Point

IMPORTANT: Create a promotion plan so that your activities are coordinated. A properly coordinated release is much much more effective as your activities build upon each other and help to create a buzz of anticipation. By following a release process you will naturally create activities and supporting media that give you genuine reasons to contact your fans.:

7 More Song Release Tips

1. Set a realistic release date.
2. Plan your activies, such as recording, creating a video etc. so that they are ready for use when your promotion plan needs them to be available.
3. Your plan should have pre-release goals and activities that help build anticipation. This could be revamping your websites with new images, conact building and development, pre-releasing to press or music bloggers, getting back catalogue plays on radio and internet radio, pre-release interviews, showcase performances and any other anticipation building activity etc. Prime your fans for the upcoming release.
4. Your plan should have a release event of some kind, Ideally this would be a launch party (when you are doing a proper release) but could be any kind of launch event limited only by your creativity.
5. Your Plan should have post-release activities such as interviews (radio, tv, online radio, interviews for your fan list etc) and gigs.
6. Note down lessons learned during each release, what works, what could work better, what doesn’t currently work etc. and use those to tweak your release process, activities and timing so your release process will be more effective next time.
7. Be patient. Don’t let frustration during pre-release make you “just release it”. Promotion activities are not intended to happen in isolation. It would be a shame to put lots of effort and money into creating a killer track only to blow it by having an unprepared, disorganized release.

3 Further Comments

The first time you go through a release process takes a little extra effort, but you can build on that process for each and every new song or album release to make it more effective.

By going through a process you begin to get a far better idea about things you may have missed, and highlight where your are spending too much time or not enough time.

An effective release depends on timing, a range of supporting activities, good quality products, creativity, industry contacts, fans and effective communication. Neglect any of them and you might as well prepare to be disappointed by the response to the release.


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