Playlist Michan’s Cool Indie Mixes – 10th August 2019

Hi, Michan here with this week’s latest playlist of Cool Indie Mixes! Each week I will be posting a selection of the best indie music from across Soundcloud and featuring it in my weekly playlist. This includes some artists from the Songstuff community and a lot that aren’t Songstuff members… but unlike a lot of indie stuff on the web, this is strictly for fans looking to find some good music!

This is the second week of the playlist, and I think you’ll like this week’s selection!

  • Mindbomb — The Letter (Video link in description)
  • Roslyn Moore — Coke&Weed
  • müesk — RTM 3
  • Boundary Exception — Instant Flow
  • Generdyn Music — DEEPEST WATERS (feat Eebee)
  • Zach Heckendorf — The Harvest
  • Annelle Staal — I Got Dreams
  • Steve Altonian — I Wanna Get to Know You
  • MaheshMusic — Travellin’ Light
  • Jeffrey James — All I Need Is You

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