16th August 2019

Hi, here it is Michan again with last week’s playlist of Cool Indie Mixes! And the day of my birthday! So for giving myself a present I opted for a rock based playlist (on of my favorite genres :)__ )

As some of you already know, each week I will be posting a selection of the best indie music that I find in my surfing sessions across Soundcloud. This includes some artists from the Songstuff community and a lot that aren’t Songstuff members. This site is made for all of you, fans, listeners, music lovers! That like to find cool, unique and surprising music around! We hope you enjoy this one! 🙂

This is the third week of the playlist! You can check the rest of them here in the blog, or in our Songstuff community account in Soundcloud. Join the channel and don’t miss any playlist release! 🙂

  • Jonathan Linton 4 — Shinin’ Through
  • The Night Café — Mixed Signals
  • The Cosmic Trip Advisors — Firecracker Blues
  • The Saturns Official — Love Train (Ride, Ride, Ride)
  • The Vaulted Skies — Versus Heart (Preview)
  • Threshold of Faith — For in Much Wisdom Is Much Grief, Pt.3
  • Mirjam Keijnemans — Collaboration Mirjam Keijnemans/Rock Flexible/Peter Pasch
  • Just Rock — Last Train at Midnight
  • Jason Spillman — Shadowbox
  • Steve P Clarke Music — False Move

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