28th September 2019

Hi, here is it Michan, and I would like to share with you this week’s playlist of Cool Indie Mixes! Each week I am posting a selection of the best indie music from across Soundcloud and featuring it in my weekly playlist. This includes some artists from the Songstuff community and a lot that aren’t Songstuff members… we want to share with you, fans and music lovers, the best indie music online! Because there are so many cool indie works that are not so easy to find but are so worth it to listen! 🙂

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This is the eighth week of playlists, and this week we have a really cool combination of male and female voices, starting from some pop and calmed tracks, and continuing with a bit of rock and punk, before going back to calmness! Enjoy the trip! 🙂

  • Madison Olds Music – Moments In The Mountains
  • Austin Plaine – The Hell If I Go Home
  • Loren Karl – a n g e l o s
  • Bitter’s Kiss – Friday Nights – Acoustic Version
  • By Capricorn – Relax In E
  • Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy – A Ghost In The Room
  • All Ends Well – Make A Sound
  • Griffin Tucker – Believe It
  • DevinReneeMusic – Deadman Walkin’
  • Rebecka Reinhard – For the road



Japan based music lover, helping and promoting indie artists through @Songstuff. Lyricist and singer. Neuroscientist. Dreamer, adventurer, explorer: Following my passion! :)