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SSUK Playlists

SSUK manages and promotes a number of playlists in two main channels:

  • Independent Music Stage
  • Songstuff

Independent Music Stage
Independent Music Stage

The Independent Music Stage proudly showcases independent music through playlists on some music distribution platforms:

Our playlists are then promoted on our blog, social media portals, our newsletter, across our sister site’s blogs, their social media portals:

Songstuff Artists


Songstuff is a music community with 20,000+ musicians, songwriters, artists, producers and other music professionals as members. It also provides courses, articles and tools to help aid with ever part of a song’s journey, from the idea, through lyric writing, music arrangement, recording and production, mastering, release, marketing and promotion.

Songstuff will promote SSUK playlists, features, livestreams and interviews to Songstuff visitors and community members via the Songstuff blog, across the Songstuff site, the Songstuff newsletter and via their social portals:

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Playlist Submission Form

If you would like to suggest one of your songs to be considered for inclusion on one of the playlists that we manage, please complete and submit the form below:

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