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Playlists are a new way to promote artists for Songstuff. Until now we provided advertisements, interviews and featured artists across our, websites, social media platforms and newsletters. All that gives Songstuff a significant reach as it is. However, we were not directly promoting the artist’s music and that is something we wanted to do. Playlists allow us to do that.

As our playlists are just starting out, our playlist following is still low. Luckily, that is not all we can do to help artists.

Songstuff staff members work tirelessly to promote independent artists. We want to bring listeners good music. Hopefully, we can introduce listeners to new artists they might otherwise never have encountered. Independent music can be every bit as good as mainstream music, it just doesn’t get the support from the media industry that it could get. If anything, the world of independent music is more diverse, more experimental, less safe. Less sanitised. That is a good thing if you ask us.

It is possible that you might enjoy being herded by tastemakers, consuming a spoon-fed diet of commercial music? That had been the trend for a while, but that was yesterday. Fortunately, attitudes are changing.

As music fans, we expect that you will want to find new and exciting music. Music that pushes your boundaries. Music that isn’t the same old, same old. Music that isn’t formulaic and manufactured.

Ideally, we can put some music jewels in front of you. Independent artists that thoroughly deserve your attention, and who mainstream media and the music industry just don’t support. Independent artists rarely have large budgets (or any budget!) for marketing their music… and that means they find it much harder to get their music in front of potential fans. Sadly the desperation this can lead to has resulted in some independent artists effectively spamming anyone that will look at them. In turn that has given independent artists overall an unfairly negative image.

It’s almost impossibly hard for independent artists to make money from their music unless they are a chart-busting act. Independent artists have few income streams and very little can be made from each stream.  That means independent artists have little or no budget to put their great music in front of fans. Music they have poured their heart, soul, time and money into creating.

There really is a wealth of fantastic music just waiting to be discovered. It’s so unfair. Big business basically prices independent music out of the limelight. They buy the attention of fans, without fans even being aware of it. Some industry mogul, sitting somewhere behind a desk, literally decides what the masses will listen to next, and that is just wrong. Merit is out the windows, it’s all about big companies spending big bucks and cornering the available profit.

You Are Critical To Independent Music. Yes, You.

The audience is the lifeblood of the music industry. Having fans is the deciding factor in the survival of bands. Essentially, artists cannot grow their audience unless the artists can put their music in front of listeners.

The larger the audience, the more benefit it is to the bands, the more new fans that will encounter their music.

Support Independent Artists

If you like an artist, please:

  • Share their song
  • Like their song
  • Like their artist account
  • Comment on their songs
  • Follow them on social media platforms
  • Buy their subscriptions, their music, support them via crowdfunding and of course live performances and merchandise.

Help Us To Support Independent Artists!

A big audience for our playlists and our social media accounts makes our artist promotion much, much more effective. The more potential new fans we can reach for every artist we promote, the more useful our promotion is for the artists we feature.

You can help us to make a huge difference for artists. That, in turn, makes it easier for us to bring you unique content about the artists you like.

You can help, very, very easily. Please:

  • Follow this site
  • Follow us on social media
  • Share our posts
  • Like our posts
  • Comment on our posts
  • Follow our playlists
  • Watch or listen to as much of every song as you can. That makes a big difference to how sites like YouTube or Spotify rank Songstuff playlists. A higher ranking means better exposure for the artists we feature.

Songstuff is staffed by musicians, songwriters, artists and producers. Most staff do all of those. We’re passionate about Independent Music and supporting the artists that create it.

We rely upon fans and artists of all kinds to help us to grow our audience, to help us increase the reach of our playlists and our social media platforms.

Please follow our playlists, our blogs and our social media accounts. That helps us to put great music in front of you.

Interactions are valuable. They help us to put the artists we promote in front of a new audience. That is a vital lifeline for artist. More you can do, the more often you can do it, the more useful it becomes.

Please share our posts, tweet, retweet, leave comments and like… all of those interactions help us to spread the word about the artists we promote.


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