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Peggy’s Weekly Top 10 Picks – Playlist 3

Each week I choose a selection of great indie music videos from YouTube to feature in my weekly top 10 playlist. This includes but is not limited to artists from the Songstuff community.

This week’s artists and their songs:

  • Groznyj – Escapalisation
  • The Wingbeats – Man Made World
  • Rebecca Correia – Gin
  • Ben Poole – Take It No More
  • ORIANTHI – RSO – Blues Won’t Leave Me Alone
  • 7Horse – Momentary Moonlight
  • Chris Kläfford – Either Way cover, Kitchen Session
  • Geraint Luff – Your Space
  • Sam Tompkins – You Broke My Heart So Gently
  • Achazia and Roger/B-Train on guitar – Elements

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