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Alt-ish is a great mixed alternative playlist featuring the songs of mainly independent artists. I think you’ll agree that’s a lot of awesome to be contained in one playlist! Curated by the SSUK staff for the Independent Music Stage on Spotify, the music featured in this alternative playlist is fresh and varied.

Alt-ish’s awesome artists and their songs:

  • From Outer Space – The Sunbathers
  • Cassidy – Ben Vogel
  • Fear – Sheetel
  • Cave Crawl – Warm Drag
  • People Get The Fever – Fleet Walker
  • Wheel – Moses Guest
  • Say You Love Me Too – Jonathan Bree, Clara Viñals
  • Hey You – DOPE LEMON
  • Dream Cleaver – Death Valley Girls
  • What Would I Do – Magic City Hippies
  • Olalla – Blanco White
  • Come Around – Martin Jones
  • The Way – Volker Milch
  • Deeper – Billy Wesmond
  • Compliments – Mesita
  • Dark Side – Hannah Washington
  • Little Bubble – Dirty Projectors
  • Hard Liquor – SOHN
  • So Far Away from Me – Avi on Fire
  • Don’t You Worry – Galactic Marvl
  • We a Famly – The Flaming Lips
  • Open – San Fermin
  • Visceral – Bernhoft
  • hard pill to swallow – morgxn
  • No Diggity – Alice Jemima
  • Airborne – JFDR
  • I Got You – Seramic
  • Wash Me Away – Old Sea Brigade
  • Second Chance – Aestheticvibeys
  • I Wanna Help Your Mind – Goth Babe
  • Sue – Jive Talk
  • I Could See You Reaching for Someone – LOMELI
  • Drift – Jordan Baer



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As well as being a regular contributor here at SSUK, John is an active writer, songwriter and music producer.


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