Hot Rock Playlist on YouTube

Hot Rock! is a great rock playlist featuring the songs of mainly independent artists. Curated by the SSUK staff for the Independent Music Stage YouTube channel, the music featured in this rock playlist is fresh and varied. Crank it up rock fans!

Hot Rock’s awesome artists and their songs:

  • Indie – Winslowe
  • I Wanna Get To Know You – Steve Altonian
  • Closure – Kaige Evans
  • Eclipse – Musicformessier
  • Drops Of Jupiter – Train
  • Victim Of Illusion – Disephia
  • Drown Me Out – She Makes War
  • Drive – Joe Bonamassa
  • Tears On A Blank Page – Boundary Exception
  • Coke & Weed – Roslyn Moore
  • Dead Winter Days – Agalloch
  • Falling Even Deeper In Love – The Whiskee Shakes
  • You’re Somebody Else – Flora Cash
  • Versus Heart – The Vaulted Skies
  • Overstay My Welcome- Travis Marc
  • Firecracker Blues – The Cosmic Trip Advisors
  • For In Much Wisdom Is Much Grief – Threshold Of Faith
  • When The Bomb Drops – Just1L
  • Mixed Signals – The Night Café
  • Down – The Incurables
  • (I Guess You’d Call It) An Undertone – Telethon
  • Heat Of The Summer – Crash Island
  • Dead Man Walkin’ – Devin Renee
  • Running With The Outliers – Gozer Goodspeed
  • Oh Well, Oh Well – Mayday Parade

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About Playlist Curator

As well as being a regular contributor here at SSUK, John is an active writer, songwriter and music producer.


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