Independent Artist Playlist on YouTube

The Independent Artist Playlist on YouTube gives exposure to unique and original independent artists. 

We wanted our playlist to represent the breadth of the independent music scene.  So, it has a broad cross-section of styles. You will see that it has little something for everyone. 

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We’ll keep adding more songs to this playlist, keeping it alive and evolving. This makes a longer playlist and it is something you can stay following to keep up with the ever-changing independent music scene.

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Presenting independent music is a key aim of SSUK. It is often takes more creative risks than mainstream music. At the same time it has one big constraint. Budget. This is often the case when it comes to promotion. Independent artists truly rely on the support of the fans of independent music.

Curated By...

This playlist was created especially for the Independent Music Stage channel on YouTube. As usual, it is curated by the SSUK staff. 

Independent Artists

Independent Artist Playlist - Artists and Songs

The independent artist playlist’s awesome artists and their songs:

  • Realize – Live at Her Village, Mahesh
  • Wish You Were Here (Glasgow, 2016), Milk Carton Kids
  • My Isolation, Bill Kamen
  • Nu Music – When turning a corner, Mora Amaro La Loba
  • Fever Tree, Clay Anderson Johnson & The Firebirds of Paradise®
  • Pace Car [Outrun remix – retrowave – synthwave], RetroNonoMusic
  • All I AM, Roehrborn & Stawinski
  • Fading Colours, Mahesh
  • First Love, Last Love, Steve Altonian
  • Stars Upon the Water, John W Selleck
  • Old Love, The Flat White Album
  • Down We Go, Just1L
  • Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)(2019 cover), B.I.C. feat. VamVam
  • Miss You Forever, Deep Red Sea
  • We Should, Jerkatorium
  • Scarytown, Wholespirit
  • Recluse, Testament
  • Man Made World, The Wingbeats
  • Your Space, Geraint Luff
  • Heavy Rain – Lofi Music, RetroNonoMusic
  • 6×8, Michael Black
  • You & Me, Beege
  • Gotta change, Ben Krahne
  • Lover And Friend, Simon Darveau
  • Sick!, Paradise of Exiles
  • Elements, Achazia
  • Come Find Me, Mahesh
  • Another Day, Tandem Unicycle
  • Tequilla Real, Ben Krahne
  • The Adventures of Hollis, Joseph M Kearns
  • Berlin Girl, Jigsaw Sequence
  • Rare & Wild, Maggie Pope
  • Something In The Way, Little Bush Music Production
  • Visions of Love, Bill Kamen

34 independent song videos in the current Independent Artists playlist on the Independent Music Stage channel on YouTube.

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About The Playlist Curator

As well as being a regular contributor here at SSUK, John is an active writer, songwriter and music producer.

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