Singer-Songwriter Playlist on YouTube

The Singer-Songwriter Playlist on YouTube is pretty unusual. For a start, it is a playlist that blends together both mainstream and independent artists. We just wanted to create a playlist of brilliant music, no matter who made it. The question is, did we achieve it? As ever, you will be the judge. Still, we think their song performances are pretty awesome and that’s a good start

We wanted the singer-songwriter playlist to be a thought-provoking collection of songs.  There are so many great songs out there. Many were close, but just not good enough. We hope that you will agree that the end result is an emotional and inspiring playlist!

Over the coming months, we’ll add more songs to this playlist. Not only will that make a longer playlist. It will be even more awesome than it is right now. Is that even possible?

Curated By...

This playlist was created especially for the Independent Music Stage channel on YouTube. As usual, it is curated by the SSUK staff. 

Singer-Songwriter Playlist

Singer-Songwriter Playlist Artists and Songs

The singer-songwriter playlist’s awesome artists and their songs:

  • Gloria, Sofar Vancouver, Luca Fogale
  • Realize – Live at Her Village (2022), Mahesh
  • Trusty and True, Damien Rice
  • Let It Go, James Bay
  • Cruel (Live), Monica Martin
  • Falling Slowly (Official Video), Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova
  • Where Are We Now (Live), Antwaun Stanley
  • Some Day Soon [Live], Alexi Murdoch
  • Clarity (Official Music Video), John Mayer
  • Try (Emotion and Words: Live at Jagriti Theatre), Mahesh
  • It Takes a Lot to Know a Man, Damien Rice
  • Villains, Luca Fogale
  • Hold Back The River, James Bay
  • Go Easy, Kid (with James Blake) (Official Video), Monica Martin
  • When Your Mind’s Made Up (Once) live at Michelle Records, Glen Hansard
  • Last Request (Radio 2 In Concert), Paolo Nutini
  • Forever (Amazon Original), Lewis Capaldi
  • The Light (Her Hands Were Leaves), Alexi Murdoch
  • This Year’s Love (Live Jools Holland 2007), David Gray
  • Gravity (GRAMMYs on CBS), John Mayer
  • Fading Colours, Mahesh
  • The Blower’s Daughter, Official Video, Damien Rice
  • Bruises, Chris Kläfford
  • Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting, Glen Hansard
  • Unfolding (Acoustic), Luca Fogale
  • Passionflower, Jon Gomm
  • Scars (Acoustic), James Bay
  • Legacy, Chris Kläfford
  • Candy (Official Video), Paolo Nutini

29 main stream and independent song videos.

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About The Playlist Curator

As well as being a regular contributor here at SSUK, John is an active writer, songwriter and music producer.

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